Stabilization of a light column

Slide After Before During I worked on a light column belonging to the Villa Noailles.

Some retouches

Slide ©Annar Bjørgli ©Annar Bjørgli After Before
I used acrylic paint to restore these polyester fiberglass gaps.
Slide After During
I first filled the veneer gap with a fish glue / phenolic micro balloon mixture. Then a retouch was done with a paint composed of pigment and Laropal A81.
Slide After Before These gilding gaps were retouched with acrylic paint and micas.

Some dusting and cleaning

Slide Après Before
Here is the dusting of a wooden sculpture.
Slide After Before Here is the dusting of a radio receiver and the cleaning of an aluminum paper © INP / Angèle Dequier © INP / Angèle Dequier Slide After Before Here is the dusting of a golden wood.

Some consolidations

Slide Après Before During To restore this plywood, I first moistened the broken area with a nebulizer. Thereafter I inserted fish glue in the break and finally pressurized plywood. Slide After Before This cushion made of polyurethane foam and a textile cover was first of all unstitched. I then consolidated the foam with a solution of 1.5% Plextol B 360 in ethanol with 1% Tinuvin 900 with a nebulizer. After it is wrapped in a Tyvek, then in a felt. Then it is replaced in the original cover. Finally, the cover is sewn. Slide After Before During To restore this paper, I first designed EVA (Ethylene Vinyl Acetate) adhesive films. I then affixed them in the form of a strip on the paper tears using a heated spatula. Slide After Before I consolidated the broken cellulose acetate with EVA (ethylene vinyl acetate) adhesive film. I applied them by soaking them lightly with Cumene. © INP/Angèle Dequier

My master thesis

Slide I studied and worked on a radio receiver belonging to the Museum of Urban and Social History (Suresnes, France) © INP / Angèle Dequier © INP / Angèle Dequier zoom_in

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